Special Delivery

Onsite Neonatal Partners provide their client hospitals with ’round-the-clock intensive care for newborns. We built them a marketing program and Web site that works just as hard.

Critical care

doctor and babyHaving a neonatologist present at the delivery can make all the difference in the world to a premature or fragile newborn. Yet many hospitals can’t afford to have one there—and waiting—24 hours a day. Onsite Neonatal Partners (then known as Neonatal and Pediatric Services, or NAPS) provided this service to four New Jersey hospitals, but they wanted to grow their business and expand their territory.

What’s in a Name?

Except as a fairly awful pun, the name NAPS had very little going for it. Duff Marketing Engineers led interviews of current and potential clients, and uncovered this gem: the most important thing was the fact that a doctor or team was on site—not minutes away on call. This insight led to the new name, Onsite Neonatal Partners, and became the theme for our launch campaign.

Onsite Logo

Customers Say It Best

With a wealth of customer testimonials culled from the naming research, we set to work using their words to tell the story. Brochures used the testimonials as a sort of call-and-response, letting current customers and physicians explain the benefit in their own words on the left page, and the facts and figures continue the story on the right. Our family of illustrations grew, and provided a visual anchor for the campaign.

The Web site picked up this theme, and built on it, also using the customer testimonials as a unifying thread. An interactive self-assessment tool gave hospital administrators a chance to see how the Onsite model would fit with their own special needs. We also created content for prospective physicians, educating them to the personal benefits of an Onsite schedule.

Our content management system lets the Onsite office staff keep the Web site’s news and job listings up to date from a secure Web control panel.


Stretched Thin!

With the marketing campaign producing leads and helping to close deals faster than anyone had bargained, Onsite faced a new challenge—staffing. We developed a direct mail and trade show recruiting campaign in time for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) convention.

Visit the Onsite Neonatal Web site.

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baby in hand

Gosh, that’s a tiny baby!

Working with illustrator Andy Myer, we developed a family of iconic images that help unify all of the marketing materials.

Onsite Neonatal Brochure

Opening the door

This large-format spiral-bound brochure was delivered to prospective hospital administrators. Featuring customer testimonials, backed up with statistics and advice, it proved to be an effective door-opener.

Onsite Web site

Take the test

Both the brochure and subsequent direct mail pieces drove prospects to the Web site, where an interactive test let hospital administrators grade their need for 24-hour neonatology coverage. Onsite doubled their size in less than a year, and continue to grow.

Onsite Intranet

Keeping in touch

With customer hospitals stretching from Connecticut to Delaware, getting everyone together for meetings became impractical. We developed a custom Plone intranet to help the entire team stay in touch.