Quick like a bunny.

Database-driven Web sites can be built both quickly and economically. Heresy to some, but Gospel to us. Walter Davis Studio is built from the ground up to deliver sophisticated back-end programming along with our crystal-clear design, and all in a fraction of the time and budget you might be used to. Here’s how we do it:

Integrated Design

We start with a concept, and from that core idea, we create a design that’s centered around the site’s user. We integrate the creative and technical execution into one design-driven step, so we can build many prototypes during the course of a project, and test them to be sure that we’re on track. This process brings us to the finished product efficiently. And our automated production means there is very little waste—even if the entire design changes late in the project.

Open-source Core

Nowadays, Web sites are much more than static pages—so-called brochure-ware. They track the movements of their visitors, reward frequent users with special information based on previous visits, and offer up a steady stream of news and information.

All of this requires far more flexibility and brains on the part of the Web server—and the designer. Our teams are expert in the most important Open-Source Web technologies: the Apache Web server, the MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers, and the PHP application server. These standards-based tools allow us to build almost any feature our projects require. Each of them is developed and supported by a community of developers from around the world, who are constantly working to improve performance and security.

Tell Us What You Need

Chances are, we’ve already built it—or something similar. We package and document our code frameworks for re-use, so that they can be added to a project without additional programming effort.

Walter Davis Studio offers sophisticated solutions, in a timeframe and budget that are truly refreshing.

It's only a harmless bunny rabbit...