Collected here are tools we’ve built to make our jobs go faster, tips and tutorials we’ve authored, and links to other resources on the Web


This simple tool allows you to inspect the output of your Web forms. Simply point your form’s action attribute to this URL, and you’ll see a neat listing of precisely what that it’s sending.

Mailto Maker

This simple tool creates an encoded mailto link that pops open your e-mail client with a pre-filled message.

Freeway Actions

Actions are plug-ins for Softpress Freeway. Here are a few that we’ve written and released into the wild.

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Thomas Purzycki’s Tool Chest

Among many other things, my grandfather was a tool-and-die maker, which I have always believed to be the most amazing profession. While he was an artist and a craftsman in any material he touched, he could also create his own tools. There’s something very powerful about that.